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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One of Those Days

It's one of those days. I can tell already.
It began with the usual--an early wake up call. The room was still dark, but the way the dim light was visible around the corners of the dark window shades (oh let's be honest--the dark green sheet that I had clipped over the blinds with binder clamps to darken the room and encourage the kids to sleep past dawn) told me that it was not yet 5:30 AM.
My son was the first to wake up. This time it was with a diaper that had, shall we say, exceeded its capacity. He was so loud that he woke my daughter up. Babies have the amazing ability to be sleeping one minute and sitting upright and smiling the next, which makes you wonder if they were ever really sleeping. Still, I was not fooled by her act since she was so tired that every time I'd put her down, she'd cry and reach up for me to hold or nurse her. My son hid his tiredness in a display of hyperactivity. He bounced around the house, and careened around corners with am amazing speed and vitality. This couldn't last long, I thought.
We tripped downstairs and my husband put on the coffee--he was kind enough to make a double batch since we'd need it today.
It's one of those days when you feel like it must be time for lunch and can't believe it when you look at the clock and see that it's only--ONLY--9 AM.
It's one of those days when your clingy, too-tired baby insists on taking a bite of tomato for breakfast (it's the height of tomato season and everybody has to eat their fair share of tomatoes, including one at breakfast!), only to vomit it all back up an hour later because the skin of said fruit had lodged itself in her little throat.
It's one of those days when by the time that NORMAL people must be waking up, you feel you've already done it all for the day and are ready for the day to be over.
Wish me luck today. With a toddler who has not napped since he was two unless strapped in his car seat on long, slow cruises through the neighborhood streets, I sure hope that today will be an exception.
So if you see a frazzled, discombobulated lady driving around and around the neighborhood later today, give her a wave. She might be having one of those days too.


  1. This type of stuff happens all the time.

    This summer we were 'stuck' at an airport for about 4 hours between flights and my youngest, age 5, was playing at an indoor playground, conveniently located in the airport. Afterwards he found poop on his leg, apparently from some other kids diaper. He gagged and through up three times on our way to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, we needed to take his puke saturated clothes off, and remove poop from his leg. Never mind the audience in the men's bathroom!

  2. Jay,
    I laughed really hard as I read this but I can imagine at the time it was horrific...we've had incidents like this too. How come nobody told us this stuff before we had kids?