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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why I Hate AntiBiotics

I hate winter cold and flu season. I hate ear infections, trips to the doctor's office, and that slimy, pink-colored goo they call amoxicillin.

Both of my children are currently sick with bad colds, which developed into ear infections. Both are on the pink stuff. My son takes his medication with gusto, asking for more. More? Doesn't that stuff gross you out? My daughter sputters, gags, and spits most of it back up. It takes two grown people to give her the medicine, which requries one person to hold her arms down, with head tilted back. Then the other person will shoot the medicine down the side and back of her mouth, and then hold her mouth shut so she doesn't let it all dribble back out.

She hates it and we hate it too. What I hate most is the disgusting diarrhea that it causes her. (One thing about being a parent is the ability to talk about poop as if it were no big deal, so here goes.) She can have as many as 10 poopy diapers, many of which leak onto her clothes, in one day, which can lead to a rash, and other miseries. It's so bad that I won't leave the house because it's just so nasty to clean up. I don't want to keep using wipes on her, so I just plunge her into the bathtub instead. Repeat ten more times a day.

I'm trying to give my kids yogurt and am mixing Florastor for Kids probiotic into their food or drink, but so far my daughter is still having a miserable time.  It seems that antibiotics solve one problem, the ear infection, but cause so many more (diarrhea, rash, crankiness, refusal to eat). Does anybody have any ideas for how to stop these awful symptoms from persisting? I have nine more days to go on the antibiotic treatment!

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